About Kraus' Korner

We train the best to be the best

       We combine hard work, meticulous technique, and technology to provide our athletes with the tools they need to be the best they can be. We are always working to improve how we train to ensure those who train here can compete anywhere.
       Our indoor facility provides a game like enviroment to practice pitching, catching, fielding, and batting. There is plenty of seating for the parents and when necessary we will train two atheletes at a time. These facilities have helped produce some of the top talent from the area going on to compete nationally and at the college level. Pitching isn't for anyone. Are you that someone.
    The facility enables training through all seasons ensuring you are never off your game. Contact us to come try out our training or sign up today by phone, email, or online to begin your journey to the best athlete you can be.

Meet Jim Kraus

    Over the years Jim has been actively involved with softball in many capacities. He has served as head coach of the Nebraska Swingers, President of the Capital City Umpires Association, and Board of Directors at the LYSA Doris Blair Complex. Jim was inducted to the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame in 2001. He brings a reputation that preceded itself and serves as a valuable recruiting tool with the many connections he has throughout the game in the Lincoln area and outstate Nebraska region.
    He has been helping young athletes meet their potential for more than 40 year and is the trainer at Kraus' Korner.


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